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Tools & Diagnostics

Jan16RainDance Technologies To Be Sold to Bio-Rad »

Dec7RainDance Technologies and Blood Systems Research Institute Collaborate to Develop Ultra-sensitive Assays to Detect and Quantify HIV Latency »

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RainDance Launches ThunderBolts Next-Gen Sequencing Panel to Research Genetic Mutations for Myeloid Malignancies »

Hematologic oncology research experts to present ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel performance data at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 


Billerica, Mass. — April 20, 2015 — RainDance Technologies, Inc., a genomics tools company simplifying the analysis of complex genetic diseases, today announced global availability of the ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel, a next-generation sequencing (NGS) research assay designed to rapidly detect and cost-effectively analyze genetic mutations associated with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes), MPN (Myeloproliferative Neoplasms) and other myeloid cancer research. The research assay was developed with the RainDance HemOnc Consortium, a select group of hematologic oncology experts drawn from prominent academic and cancer research centers in the U.S. and Europe. HemOnc Consortium members will present the latest performance data from the new panel during the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on April 18-22, 2015.


Blood and Bone Marrow Cancer Research


The American Cancer Society estimates more than 10,000 individuals died from AML alone in the U.S. in 2014. As with most cancers, early detection can potentially improve outcomes and help accelerate the treatment process. Lacking until today has been a highly accurate, rapid, simple, and low-cost NGS panel to study myeloid disorder genes, which are often difficult to detect routinely with existing methods. Certain genetic targets such as CEBPA, NPM1 and NOTCH1 are particularly challenging to detect.


“We joined the RainDance HemOnc Consortium to research the unmet need for a highly accurate, rapid, and low-cost NGS panel to study challenging myeloid disorder genes, such as CEBPA, RUNX1, MPL, IDH1, and IDH2,” said Torsten Haferlach, M.D., Member of the HemOnc Consortium and CEO at Munich Leukemia Laboratory (MLL). “With the ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of the genetics behind myeloid malignancies by investigating relevant genes in parallel – in a very short turnaround time – with high sensitivity.”


Accurate Detection and Precise Validation


The ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel is a pre-validated NGS assay for researching mutations and hotspots in 49 important genes implicated in the causation, prognosis and recurrence of certain blood and bone marrow cancers. The panel features NGS breakthroughs in low sample input (10 ng), high sequencing coverage (100 percent), uniformity (greater than 95 percent), and time-to-result (2.5 days).


Scientists are using the ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel to profile mutations that can then be independently validated and monitored with the ultra-sensitive RainDrop® Digital PCR System, all based on a unified and single droplet technology platform. The HemOnc Consortium is continuing to work with RainDance to conduct research into a proprietary digital PCR portfolio of cell-free mutation assays to study and monitor the status of important genes in blood-based cancer progression and relapse.


“With the ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel and RainDrop Digital PCR System, RainDance offers an ability to break down the complex problem of tumor heterogeneity on a single molecule level,” said Catherine Smith, M.D., Member of the HemOnc Consortium and Assistant Professor at UCSF School of Medicine. “We now have the sensitive detection and monitoring tools to better understand the causes and progression of cancer. This knowledge will enable us to create more effective and precise treatment strategies in the future.”


Customized Analysis Workflows


As part of the ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel launch, RainDance is also announcing a collaboration with SoftGenetics to provide users with a streamlined analysis workflow (fastq à vcf) that is easy-to-use and designed to meet their ever-changing NGS assay analysis needs. The SoftGenetics NextGENe® software features pre-loaded analysis templates for all ThunderBolts Panels, including the ThunderBolts Cancer Panel for solid tumor research (launched at AACR Annual Meeting 2014). Users can customize these templates and presets for their specific NGS data analysis requirements.


American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2015


RainDance is showcasing its complete portfolio of research-use products for cancer research and liquid biopsy applications in booth #1060 at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on April 18-22, 2015. Prominent cancer researchers will present data on how the ThunderBolts NGS Enrichment System and RainDrop Digital PCR System are fundamentally improving the way cancer research scientists detect, validate and monitor low-frequency mutations from limited amounts of solid tumor biopsies as well as circulating tumor DNA samples. The company’s Exhibitor Spotlight Theater is on Monday, April 20th at 12:30-1:30pm in Hall B of the Exhibit Floor. In addition, several users will present posters highlighting RainDance product performance and new applications. For more information on the company’s activities, please visit: www.RainDanceTech.com/AACR.


Complex Cancer Made Simple


RainDance Technologies offers a complete portfolio of products to research cancer biomarkers for hereditary risk predisposition, pathology and progression, and minimal residual disease monitoring. The company’s research use only products include:


RainDrop® System: Ultra-sensitive digital PCR system for research of early detection and monitoring of cell-free and cell-based biomarkers.


ThunderBolts™ System: New ‘democratized’ targeted NGS system enabling highly sensitive, rapid, low input profiling of solid tumors and hematological cancers from plasma, bone marrow, blood, tissue and FFPE samples. The system is available with two pre-validated NGS targeted gene panels, as well as custom enrichment capabilities:


ThunderBolts Cancer Panel: Interrogates mutations/hotspots in 50 oncogenes, tumor suppressors and drug resistance markers.


ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel: Profiles mutations in 49 myeloid genes for research related to AML, MDS, MPN and other myeloid disorders.


Open Source: Create self-customized gene content panels for highly sensitive detection and low sample input using the new ThunderBolts Open Source (OS) Pack.


ThunderStorm® System: Industrial-scale workhorse for highly accurate, fully-automated targeted NGS enrichment for large gene panels up to 20,000 amplicons.


About RainDance Technologies


RainDance Technologies is making complex genetics simple. The company’s ultra-sensitive genomic tools enable research of novel non-invasive liquid biopsy applications that should result in more accurate, reliable, cost-effective, and early detection of cancer and other inherited and infectious diseases. Major research institutions and laboratories around the world rely on the performance of RainDance systems. Based outside Boston, Massachusetts, the company supports customers using RainDrop® Digital PCR, as well as the ThunderStorm® and ThunderBolts™ Next-Generation Sequencing Enrichment Systems through its international sales and service operations, as well as a global network of distributors and commercial service providers. Both technology platforms have been recognized by The Scientist as Top 10 Innovations with the RainDrop System winning the award in 2014 and the ThunderStorm System winning the award in 2011.


The ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel, ThunderBolts NGS Enrichment System, RainDrop Digital PCR System and ThunderStorm NGS Enrichment System are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


RainDance Technologies, the RainDance Technologies logo, ThunderBolts, RainDrop, and ThunderStorm are trademarks of RainDance Technologies, Inc. All other brands may be trademarks of their respective holders.

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