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RainDance RainDrop System Proven to be Industry’s Most Precise Digital PCR Platform for Measuring Chromosomal Copy Number »

Company presents results demonstrating accurate detection of small chromosomal differences at CNAPS VIII Conference and showcases technology at AMP 2013 Annual Meeting


Billerica, Mass. – Nov. 13, 2013 –RainDance Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has added a High-Precision Chromosomal Copy Number Variation (CNV) Measurement application to its industry-leading RainDrop™ Digital PCR System. The latest application provides researchers with a simple and highly accurate method of detecting low frequency chromosomal CNVs and trisomy events from circulating tumor cells or cell-free DNA. Recent studies have demonstrated the RainDrop System’s ability to detect CNVs with greater than 99 percent confidence when the sample makes up as low as five percent of the 10 nanograms input DNA. The High-Precision CNV application utilizes universal probe designs and is being made available immediately to all current and future RainDrop customers.


Variation in chromosomal number can occur in genetic disease and cancer tumor progression. However, the fraction of the cells affected by chromosomal abnormalities may only be a small portion of the sample material, making it very difficult to quantify chromosomal CNVs. Additionally, there may be as little as 10ng of highly fragmented material available for the analysis. The RainDrop System overcomes these barriers and enables users to precisely measure these types of chromosomal copy number differences. Customers have approached RainDance to use this High-Precision CNV Measurement method for a range of applications, including detecting circulating tumor cells and cytogenetics.


“The new High-Precision CNV Measurement application makes the RainDrop System the industry’s most versatile genomic analysis platform and most precise Digital PCR platform for measuring chromosomal changes from samples such as circulating tumor cells or cell-free DNA,” said Darren R. Link, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at RainDance Technologies. “We were able to prove that a tiled multi-locus assay using a universal configuration can accurately detect some of the most challenging CNVs associated with aneuploidy and cancer tumor progression.”


Transforming Traditional CNV Studies


The RainDrop System is the industry’s most precise digital PCR platform for accurately detecting and measuring low frequency chromosomal changes. During the CNAPS Conference, experimental data was presented demonstrating successful performance of: 


A 40-plex assay design: The team co-amplified 40 unique primer-probe regions over two different chromosomes using a universal probe design.


Wide range of input requirements: Total system precision was assessed by successfully detecting CNVs at various input amounts of DNA ranging from 50ng to 10ng.


Increasing amounts of affected fraction: The team observed clear separation between normal and affected chromosomal CNVs where affected DNA was five percent the total DNA population/fraction.


Industry’s lowest coefficient of variation (CV): The RainDrop System CV was demonstrated to be less than 0.5 percent.


Platform Versatility


The RainDrop Digital PCR System is transforming molecular analysis by enabling digital answers across a number of other applications. The company recently launched One-Step RT-dPCR capabilities, which provide researchers with a simple method of counting individual RNA target molecules. Today’s announcement also follows other recent published customer successes:


Publication in Journal of Clinical Chemistry demonstrated the use of the RainDrop Digital PCR system to detect multiple KRAS mutations directly from a liquid biopsy.


Scientists from the Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrated the use of a RainDrop Digital PCR System to detect glioma-associated mRNA mutations from cerebrospinal fluid.


Trovagene Inc. recently demonstrated that BRAF mutations present in trans-renal DNA from urine can be measured with unprecedented sensitivity by the RainDrop Digital PCR System.


For a complete list of RainDrop Digital PCR System publications, please visit RainDanceTech.com/Publications.


Upcoming Technology Demonstrations and Recent Public Presentations


RainDance will be showcasing the RainDrop Digital PCR System in Booth 206 at the AMP 2013 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on November 14-16, 2013. In addition, Dr. Darren Link presented the latest data supporting the High-Precision CNV Measurement application during the recent Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum Conference in Baltimore, MD. For more information, on the RainDrop System and the applications, please visit http://raindancetech.com/digital-pcr-tech.


About RainDance Technologies


RainDance Technologies is an emerging life sciences company developing innovative products that enable more accurate, reliable, cost-effective and early detection of disease and risk predisposition in order to improve human healthcare. Today, RainDance is focused on better healthcare outcomes and lowering costs for the research, detection and treatment of cancers and inherited diseases. The company’s innovative RainStorm™ digital droplet technology powers next-generation sequencing and genetic testing systems that deliver dramatically superior performance, cost, interpretability, and ease of use. RainDance systems are used routinely in major academic research institutions, clinical genetics laboratories, and hospitals around the world. Based in Billerica, Massachusetts, the company supports customers through its international sales and service operations as well as a global network of distributors and commercial service providers. For more information, please visit www.RainDanceTech.com.


The RainDrop Digital PCR System is for Research Use Only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.


RainDance Technologies, the RainDance Technologies logo, RainDrop, and RainStorm are trademarks of RainDance Technologies, Inc. All other brands may be trademarks of their respective holders.


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