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about us

Healthcare industry pioneers offering state-of-the-market growth capital solutions.

Healthcare industry pioneers offering state-of-the-market growth capital solutions.
We are a world-class investment management firm taking an innovative approach to healthcare investing that enables our business partners to become successful market leaders.

CRG¹ is a premier healthcare investment firm that has managed over $4 billion of institutional capital since inception and its senior investment professionals have led over 70 investments. The firm seeks to commit between $20 to $300 million in each company and invests across the healthcare spectrum, including: medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, tools & diagnostics, services and information technology. CRG provides growth capital in the form of long-term debt and equity to support innovative, commercial-stage healthcare companies that address large, unmet medical needs.  The firm partners with public and private companies to provide flexible financing solutions and world-class support to achieve exceptional growth objectives with minimal dilution. 

For over a decade, CRG has built a market reputation as a nimble first mover associated with some of the most dramatic innovations in structured debt and equity investments. These investments have helped numerous healthcare companies achieve success without sacrificing their equity ownership. Today, CRG offers a full suite of structured debt and equity investment solutions that are uniquely tailored to the needs of its business partners. 

The demand for affordable growth capital continues to drive healthcare companies with confidence in their future prospects to seek minimally dilutive, long-term credit financing solutions to meet their growth objectives. CRG offers its business partners deep industry insights, timely structured investment solutions, and a trusted collaborative partnership that delivers valuable support beyond money.

CRG maintains offices in Boulder, New York, and Houston. 

We target investments between $20-300 million in public and private, commercial-stage healthcare companies that are driving next-generation products, technologies and services that address significant and substantial unmet medical needs.

¹CR Group L.P. is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). Piedmont Evergreen LLC is registered as a relying advisor of CR Group L.P. with the SEC. For purposes of this website, CR Group L.P. and Piedmont Evergreen LLC will be referred to collectively as the (“Firm” or "CRG").

Who We Are
We serve the growth capital needs of commercial-stage public and private healthcare companies who are at critical value inflection points and in need of capital to continue to fund growth and innovation.

Our capital enables companies the opportunity to leverage their current cash flows from commercialized products to launch new products, enter new markets, increase sales, finance acquisitions, fund pipeline projects and support long-term strategic R&D objectives. We offer a minimally-dilutive, flexible source of capital at a competitive cost that allows our business partners to retain control of their businesses and operations.

We look for companies that are developing next-generation healthcare products, technologies and services that address significant and substantial unmet medical needs. We have invested in companies representing large markets that target aging populations and obesity in developed economies; enterprises that address healthcare cost reduction; and, tools and diagnostic service companies that advance personalized medicine.


Our market represents a $500 billion investment opportunity consisting of approximately 7,000 small and mid-sized healthcare companies with revenues under $300 million. Our target investment size is between $20 million to $300 million.


We have partnered with some of the most innovative and successful companies in the healthcare industry. Our focus is on commercial-stage, niche market leaders with talented management teams and strong prospects in sectors that span the entire healthcare ecosystem, including:

  • biopharmaceuticals
  • specialty pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • drug delivery
  • animal health
  • tools and diagnostics
  • healthcare services

We increasingly look abroad to new and underserved markets that are experiencing significant healthcare needs and whose governments and economies are supporting strong innovation.  We have invested in commercial-stage healthcare companies from around the world, including Europe, Australasia, Canada and the United States.

To support our efforts and build market presence worldwide, we have a global network of industry specialists and consultants to help us identify and assess high-quality investment opportunities across the healthcare ecosystem.  We also leverage our existing relationships with prospective borrowers, portfolio companies and world-class venture capitalists for whom we have become a valued and preferred partner to access high-quality, proprietary deal flow.

We seek to be a trusted long-term partner of choice to our portfolio companies and have established a reputation for tailored solutions, patient capital and strong collaboration.
Who We Serve
We offer a range of customized structured debt and equity investment solutions that focus on minimized equity dilution and strong value-added support.

We seek to offer a competitive growth capital alternative that is less costly and dilutive than traditional equity financing and more flexible and less restrictive than other forms of capital.

We believe that the key to our long-term success lies in our ability to become a trusted, long-term and valued partner to our companies by providing meaningful and measurable resource support that goes well beyond money.

To that end, we have assembled an outstanding finance and operations team, distinguished Strategic Advisory Committee of healthcare industry thought leaders and a global network of prominent industry executives, researchers, marketers and practitioners whom we routinely tap to offer portfolio teams strategic and financial advice; act as advocates on their behalf with potential strategic investors and equity sponsors; and, introduce to industry experts, key opinion leaders, market consultants, regulatory experts and investment bankers, to name a few.

What We Offer
World-class investment management firm taking an innovative approach to healthcare investing.

Today’s healthcare financing market leaders must demonstrate industry knowledge and insight, technical expertise and world-class proprietary relationships in order to compete among increasing demands for affordable growth capital. We are driven to be a world-class investment management firm that offers:

  • Broad and deep healthcare industry insights into macro-trends and how they affect the marketplace;
  • Exceptional networks of next-generation opinion leaders – from proprietary advisory boards to industry advisors and consultants;
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding about the regulatory and reimbursement environment and how to navigate it;
  • Financial acumen to structure flexible ‘state-of-the-market’ financing solutions; and
  • Market-branded, high-quality investment portfolio that enhances market influence and deal flow

Industry Knowledge and Networks: We utilize a broad and deep network of industry relationships to help identify healthcare trends, source proprietary investment opportunities, conduct due diligence and mitigate risk, and add value post-investment.

Proven Financial Acumen and Flexibility: We have a long history of first mover innovation for many of the most significant innovations in healthcare-related credit.

Trusted Partners with Strong Value Add: We leverage our investment team and industry relationships to provide strategic, operations and financial advice; make introductions to strategic and equity sponsors; and offer access to industry experts, key opinion leaders, market consultants, regulatory experts and investment bankers.

Market Success: We have built a portfolio of recognized healthcare market leaders from whom we gain industry insights and attract high-quality deal flow. Our investment funds have a demonstrated track record of delivering consistent and attractive absolute returns under diverse market conditions using a private credit strategy that offers attractive current cash yields and strong downside protection.

Why We Are Different

CRG believes that balancing environmental, social and governance issues with financial priorities is fundamental to sound risk management and a core part of corporate responsibility. While CRG is primarily focused on delivering top quartile returns to its limited partners, we recognize that incorporating ESG elements can enhance the investment process and lead to better outcomes, without compromising returns. As part of our commitment to sustainability, CRG is a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investing.